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Experience an individual session with me!

Please choose the option(s) which best fits your needs. All sessions are done remotely i.e. there will be no physical session . Prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD). Sliding rate payment scheme is available if neccessary. Payment is to be made before session commences. 

For all sessions, we will have a quick conversation about your goals for the session, then I will connect with your energy for distance healing and channel Reiki energy for the duration that you have picked. After the session, we will have a quick chat about the experience and what you can do to further your healing.  

Single Sessions

30 minutes - $65

An affordable healing option for quick relief of anxiety and acute pain such as headaches.

60 minutes - $120

Recommended for the management of general stress and reconnecting with yourself. 

90 minutes - $170

Optimal for your first session or recurring problems.

Packages (60 mins)

Packages are useful for scheduling regular healing time and ensuring that you turn up for yourself. Purchasing a package entitles you to a nice discount and the option to ensure the same time slot is set aside for you every fortnightly or so. 

3 sessions - $345

Valid for 3 months

5 sessions - $555

Valid for 5 months

8 sessions  $840

Valid for 8 months.

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