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Come play with me in a safe container! Work with me 1:1!

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Reiki-fy your life

This is a great place for you to tap into your potential. It is a space that will challenge you yet nourish you. Are you ready to accelerate your healing?

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About the container

Sometimes, life can get overwhelming and frustrating. Sometimes, it feels like nothing is working out and everything is falling apart. Which area of your life is the most pressing to deal with?

I have been there and done that. It is my turn to energetically walk you through the proverbial tunnel and help you see the light. If you need more frequent support and are ready to explore Reiki as a healing modality, I invite you into our sacred container. Our work together is to allow you to step into the fullest potential of yourself. 

Your investment in yourself:
$1,111 per month

What you receive:


30-day Whatsapp access for daily support


30-day Journal to witness your journey and growth


4 x 90 min Distance Reiki sessions

Connect with me!

In this 30 day container, I will be your empathetic witness to what shows up in your energetic body. I will show you the mirror for blind spots you have, and provide guidance and clarity to work on the domain of life you choose :

  • health and well-being

  • time and money freedom

  • relationship and love

  • vocation and life purpose. 

Schedule a complimentary 20-minute strategy session with me to see if Reiki-fy Your Life Container is the right fit for you! (During this session, I can also do a quick analysis of your Human Design. Do have your date, time and place of birth ready if you would like to combine Human Design with Reiki.)

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